New Logo Shares Vision For Solar Power Engineering Firm

Solar Power Engineering LogoA New Logo has been introduced For SMIN Power Group LLC.  The company provides Solar Power Consultation, Engineering, Installation, and Management Services in the USA and Africa.

The new logo communicates a grand vision to bring a green, renewable energy “ON” button to under-served or remote areas of the world using Photo-voltaic Solar Power and Wind Energy.

The solar panels in the top show the engineering marvel of Photo-voltaic panels reflecting a a big sky vision that sees hope for tomorrow.  The “On” button icon in the center shares the heart of what we do.  We bring power to people.  The green portion of the logo reminds us that electricity can be environmentally friendly.   The windmills, solar panels, and sunflowers in the “smile” below the company name celebrate sunshine renewable energy, growth, and joy – helping the logo convey an ecologically friendly and “happy feeling”.

This logo share our vision and mission in harmony with our slogan, “Electricity is Life”!

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