SMIN Power Group Keynote Presentation at The Energy Fair Draws Standing Ovation

SMIN Power Group: Green Energy Keynote Presentation Draws Standing Ovation

Solar Power for Africa

Solar Power For Africa

SMIN Power Group LLC President Sandrine Mubenga drew a standing ovation after presenting her work in green energy and solar energy at the Energy Fair on June 18, 2016.

Mubenga shared her background, including a moving story about how her own life once hung in the balance waiting 3 days for a hospital to secure fuel for their electrical generator.  This life changing event caused her to devote her life to bringing electricity to remote regions of the world, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.  Studies in Electrical Engineering in the USA have led to work on Solar Power, Wind Power and Power Management.  In one project, she designed a solar powered hydrogen generator which produces hydrogen fuel from sun and air to power a hydrogen car.

The work is personal for Mubenga, as electricity is much needed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  War ravages the region, and women are routinely raped and killed because they have no political or economic power.  Electricity gives them the power to organize business and create an economy that can provide the ability to rise above subsistence living, defend themselves, and take their place in the modern world.

Learn More by Watching the PowerPoint Presentation >  Green Energy Keynote Presentation at The Energy Fair



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