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Electricity Is Life

Complete Solar Power Engineering Services.  Solar Power Systems, Solar Power Installations, and Power Management services for Residences, Business, or Utility Scale PV.  Solar Power solves the problem of unavailable or unreliable power.  No lights?  No internet? Complete Solar Power consulting, Solar Power design, Solar Power installation, and Solar Power Energy system management services for green energy & renewable energy systems including wind, fuel cell, storage, and more.  Solar Power brings electricity, creating new opportunities for your home, community, or business. Electricity is life! 

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Global Company With A World Vision

SMIN Power Group LLC has a vision & mission to provide Solar Power Electricity solutions around the world, specializing in Solar Power Energy Systems Consultation, Solar Power Energy Design, Solar Power Energy Engineering, as well as other Green Energy & Renewable Energy technology. 

Offices in USA & Africa

SMIN Power Group maintains offices in the USA and in the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC) Africa.
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Solar Power for Africa

Serving Africa & The World

Solar Power Electricity brings life to the DRC in Africa, providing opportunities for education, communication, medical services, and modern life to remote areas. With electrical power unavailable, or unreliable, many homes, communities, and commercial operations are cut off from modern civilization. Here at SMIN Power Group we have a vision to solve this problem, providing high quality turnkey Photovoltaic Solar Power Electricity Systems and other Green Energy Technology systems, including design, installation and management.   Other remote regions served, worldwide.


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Powering Your Life With Green Solutions. 

At SMIN Power Group, LLC we provide high quality Solar Power Engineering and Systems to produce affordable electricity for communities using renewable energies (PF Solar, Fuel Cell, Biomass, Wind, Storage, and etc) complete with Solar Power Consulting, Engineering, Project Management, and Energy Management.   

USA Mailing Address

SMIN Power Group LLC 
2366 Goddard
Toledo, OH 43606

Tel/Fax: (419) 535 – 1604

Africa Mailing Address

SMIN Power Group SARL
Local 4A, Immeuble INTERPOL
Croisement Blvd du 30 Juin et Av. Haut Commandement, Commune de la Gombe, Kinshasa, DRCongo

Tél : 011 243 976 807 (RDC)