Our Story

SMIN Power Group Springs From Life and Death Experience Caused By Lack Of Electricity

Solar Power Engineering LogoIn 1997, future SMIN Power Group Founder Sandrine Mubenga required medical attention, but the local hospital in The Democratic Republic of The Congo had no fuel for the generator.  While she was between life and death, waiting for somebody to make the generator work again, Sandrine Mubenga decided to dedicate her life to science.  She wanted to find solutions to the immeasurable power problems ravaging Africa.

As a result of this painful experience, she decided to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Toledo in the United States.  After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, she went on to pursue her Masters Degree at the same university.  Currently, she is enrolled in the PhD program.

It was in 2009 that her genius exploded when she developed a hybrid car runs on hydrogen and does not pollute.

Today, Sandrine is the CEO and Founder of “SMIN Power Group”, a company that promotes the use of renewable energy.

Meet the Engineer, wife, and mother of three who proudly represents Africa worldwide.