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Solar Power Panel Technology Improves With Corrosion Resistance For Longer Life

Solar Energy Technology Improves: Longer Life Breakthrough for Solar Panels

Solar Energy Technology Improves: New, Longer Life Breakthrough for Solar Panels improves cost comparison between fossil fuels and Solar Energy....

Solar Power Engineering For Africa

SMIN Power Group, Solar Power Engineering For Africa, Covered In Forbes Afrique Again! (French Language)

      Sandrine Mubenga, la spécialiste en génie électrique Exclusif web 18 Août 2016 Patrice Ndungidi Ingénieure en électricité,...

Solar Power for Africa

CNBC Africa Video Interview: Solar Power System Feasibility, Financing, and Impact for the DRC Congo

Video Interview:  Renewable Energy / Solar Energy For The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Interview of SMIN Power Group CEO...

Solar Energy For Africa

Amina Mag Covers Our Passion to Bring Solar Energy To Africa

A little publicity is always nice when you are trying to change the world and bring electricity in the form of...

solar power provides modern education in africa

Battery Management System Crucial to Success of Solar Energy and Green Energy Projects

SMIN Power Group CEO Sandrine Mubenga explains about Battery Management Technology work being done at the University of Toledo for...

Solar Power Engineering Executive Sandrine Mubenga

IEEE International Renewable Energy Conference Presentation in Toledo

IEEE International Renewable Energy Conference Presentation in Toledo SMIN Power Group CEO Sandrine Mubenga will make the technical presentation on...

Renewable Energy

Energy By The Numbers

We ARE making progress in Green and Renewable Energy, Solar Energy implementation to save our planet!

solar panels, solar energy, solar energy engineering

SMIN Power Group CEO, Solar Power Engineer, in Sultani Makutano 2 Video, DRC Africa

SMIN Power Group CEO, Sandrine Mubenga, Solar Power Engineer with a heart for Electrification in Africa, participates in Sultani Makutano...

Solar Power for DRC Press Release

SMIN Power To Present Sultani Makutano Keynote Address In Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (DRC), Africa

PRESS RELEASE:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Solar Energy and Green Energy Are Keys To Social, Economic, and Business Development in DRC Africa SMIN...

Bill Gates calls for more electricity in Africa

Bill Gates Highlights Need To Bring More Electricity To Africa

The Youngest Continent Giving the Mandela Lecture By Bill Gates  | July 17, 2016 The excerpt below highlights Bill Gates...

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