CNBC Africa Video Interview: Solar Power System Feasibility, Financing, and Impact for the DRC Congo

Video Interview:  Renewable Energy / Solar Energy For The Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Interview of SMIN Power Group CEO Sandrine Mubenga. Scroll down to see topics and concepts addressed.

Source:  CNBC Africa Interview Regarding Solar Power for The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa

Solar Energy For DRC Africa:  Topics and Concepts

Solar Energy Systems Cost Less And Are More Reliable Than Fossil Fuels:

It is important to understand that Solar Power, Hydroelectric Power and Generator Power each have different cost structures.  Comparing a generator system to a solar system, choosing solar energy can save 30% of energy costs over the life of system.  In addition, because the electrical grid in the Congo is unreliable, is should be recognized that a solar energy system is more reliable.

Questions About Solar Energy System Financing:

After doing our first few projects, we learned that Financing is the #1 obstacle for people. We partner with capital.

How To Get Your Solar Energy System Project Started

SMIN Power Group does feasibility study, design, engineering and our partner does the financing.  If they are credible enough then they provide the funding for them.

Solar Energy System Projects From Residential to Utility Scale Solar Energy Power Plant

Utility Scale Solar PV is my background.  A Solar System or Solar Field can power a home, a community, a city, or a region.   The bigger the better because the the economy of scale produces lower cost.

Stand Alone Solar Energy Systems

Stand alone systems are available where the grid is not available.  Battery storage releases power when the sun is not shining.  A proper backup system can include options such as generators.  We will work with each customer to find a solution that works for them

SMIN Power Group Solar Energy System Business Goals

Our goals are not stated in number of systems built.  Electrification brings profound community transformation.  We focus on impact. Providing Electricity for Schools provides a high return for a community of students who can then receive an education.  Perhaps they can then become electrical engineers or otherwise enrich their community in the future.  Another impact example would be that houses of worship benefit from reliable electricity to effectively lead communities  of faith to impact their area.  Tiny cottage businesses can become more productive and effective with the help of electricity, contributing to economic growth for a community or city.


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