IEEE International Renewable Energy Conference Presentation in Toledo

ieeeIEEE International Renewable Energy Conference Presentation in Toledo

SMIN Power Group CEO Sandrine Mubenga will make the technical presentation on Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic tonight (Nov 3, 2016) at the Toledo Section IEEE International Renewable Energy Conference.

Event Description:

IEEE Toledo member Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga. Sandrine is the Electrical Engineering Manager at the University of Toledo, where she helps manage a $15 million annual budget. She has worked in industry for 15 years during which she designed, interconnected and/or approved about 50MW of solar PV and worked on distribution system planning and protection. Sandrine is a Professional Engineer and a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toledo, where she earned her Bachelor and Master degrees.

Abstract For The Paper:

Small island developing states (SIDS) strive to continue economic growth, mitigate climate change and reduce their dependence on imported fossil fuels. They offer a geographical landscape which encourages distributed generation in order to provide power to end users that are located in remote areas. Often times, this distributed generation is accomplished through grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Because they do not emit greenhouse gas, and they use the free light from the sun to generate electricity, solar PV systems provide renewable energy in a sustainable way. This paper will respectively discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with grid connected solar PV in island states. It will also propose potential waste management strategies of such solar PV systems from cradle to grave.

Solar Power Engineering Executive Sandrine MubengaAbout Sandrine Mubenga:

Mubenga’s company SMIN Power Group LLC provides solar power engineering services from residential to community to utility scale, with a special focus on Africa and the DRC.

Sandrine is popular as a presenter concerning Green Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar Energy according to her recent speaking schedule.  Sandrine was invited by the European Parliament S&D Group, to be a panelist during 2015 Africa Week. She has served as keynote speaker at the 27th Annual Energy Fair in Wisconsin, USA and at the 2nd Sultani Makutano business networking event in Kinshasa, DRC. She has been featured in AMINA, Forbes Afrique, JeuneAfrique, the Toledo Blade, the Portage County Gazette, Afrimpact, and has appeared on television on France24, Congo WebTV, RTNC, and b-one.  To learn more, contact us.

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