STEM Scholarships Awarded To Students in Africa

SMIN Power Group LLC is excited to share the news that the 2018 Ngalula Mubenga scholarships for STEM education have been awarded to the winners. Mr. Bolia is studying polytechnique at the University of Kinshasa . Mr. Claude is studying science and technology at the Loyola University in Congo and planning to study renewable energies.

The STEM Scholarship Certificates were presented by General Counsel, Dr. Madimba KADIMA-NZUJI at a ceremony in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


SMIN Power Group CEO, Dr. Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga, PE, has established the scholarships to encourage and help further the education of Congolese students studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

Dr. Mubenga was born in Kinshasa, in the DRC, and almost died in a hospital there as a young woman because the hospital had no electricity for days! This event prompted her to devote her life to becoming an electrical engineer working to bring electricity to Africa to improve the social and economic future of the people.

Learn more about how SMIN Power Group is bringing electricity to Africa by visiting the page at!

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