STEM DRC Scholarships Program Update

SMIN  Power Group CEO, Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, has provided an update on progress with the STEM DRC initiative which she helped found:


1. We have created a platform of STEM professionals, students, researchers, institutions, and entrepreneurs who operate in the DRC.
2. We have started the first scholarship program for STEM Education in the DRC.
STEM Scholarships for DRC

STEM Scholarships for DRC

Last year we offered 6 scholarships, and this year thanks to our sponsors in the DRC we are offering 55 scholarships. 70 percent of these scholarships are for women in STEM.

3. Secured the approval of the first lady of DRC who has graciously agreed to be our first Ambassador of STEM DRC Initiative.


In the future , there are a couple of projects we would like to do long term:


1. STEM based online classes and tutorial that have plenty of DIY video  for traditional students.
2. STEM based online classes for those who dropped out of school but are interested in STEM. Specially girls.
3. Virtual (Remote Online) classes where professor can be in one location e.g. USA, and teach a class located in the DRC.
2018 STEM Scholarship Recipients

2018 STEM Scholarship Recipients

Overall we would like to create STEM DRC centers in DRC where:

1. Children’s  (students) and adults (teachers) can experiment with hands on activities, STEM classes.
2. Testing will take place for the STEM scholarship
3. Perhaps Start ups in the STEM field  can find the resources, mentorship and facilities to start their business. Basically an incubator for small businesses that could provide the facilities to 3-4 businesses.
4. We would have a few top notch lab spaces based on international standard that researchers can use for collaborative research such as those sponsored by the NSF.
Mrs Tshisekedi Meets With Dr. Mubenga PE

Mrs Tshisekedi Meets With Dr. Mubenga 

We are also looking for sponsors that can contribute and partners  that can help us reach our goals.

Our main concern is to find ways to foster that desire to engage in the STEM and to find ways to maintain it in students and teachers. To encourage collaborative research in STEM, and to foster entrepreneurship in STEM. We believe that the STEM fields will empower Congolese to find solutions to problems faced in DRC, Africa and the world.


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