SMIN CEO Among Congolese Personalities Honored in 2018

SMIN Power Group is pleased to announce that CEO Dr. Sandrine Mubenga has received recognition from African Shapers: Read Full Article And Lean About More Honorees

African Personalities Recognized

African Personalities Recognized. Source: African Shapers. Read Full Article And Lean About More Honorees

Dr. Denis Mukewege, Nobel Prize Winner

Dr. Denis Mukewege, Nobel Prize Winner

Through their actions or achievements, these Congolese excel in different fields by positively changing the destinies of their peers or by inspiring them. In 2018, these personalities were honored in various ways by receiving awards, being promoted to new positions of responsibility or appearing on prestigious lists.

Source: African Shapers. Read Full Article And Lean About More Honorees


Dr. Denis Mukewege: 

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Congolese gynecologist who officially received the prestigious prize on Monday, December 10 in Oslo, in the presence of several personalities.

He was rewarded for his efforts to stop the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. Gynecologist and Physician Director of the Panzi Reference General Hospital in Bukavu (eastern DRC), Dr. Mukwege treats women victims of rape and sexual violence in this hospital that he created in 1999. Between In 1999 and December 2015, the hospital treated 48,842 survivors of sexual violence and 37,382 women with gynecological conditions.


Sandrine Mubenga:

Engineer of the Year and Revolutionary Inventor, this Congolese scientist received the prize of Engineer of the Year on November 15, 2018 in Toledo, USA. This prize was awarded by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a professional association that brings together nearly 400,000 members around the world and whose goal is to promote technology for the well-being of humanity.

In 2018 Professor Ngalula Mubenga invented the world-leading revolutionary “Bi-level Equalizer” technology, a lithium-ion battery equalizer used for electric and hybrid cars, power grids, satellites and aerospace. The “Bi-level Equalizer” balances the battery cells connected in series and increases the capacity of the batteries by more than 30% as well as improving longevity.

Source:  African Shapers. Read Full Article And Lean About More Honorees

Ndugidi P, 2018: “Rétrospective : quelques personnalités congolaises honorées en 2018” Published December 12, 2018 by African Shapers and retrieved online December 28, 2018 from


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