Energy Development in a Carbon Constrained World #EDC2018


Renewable-Energy-Potential (click to enlarge)

SMIN Power Group CEO Dr. Sandrine Mubenga was honored to participate in #Energy for #Development in a #Carbon #Constrained #World  (EDC2018)

The #EDC2018 event was a meeting on August 5-10, 2018, in the UK, near London, at ChicheleyHall, home to the Kavli Royal Society International Center.  This slide from a presentation shows the energy balance for #Africa#Asia and #NonOECD Americas.

Solving climate problems clearly depends on development of #green #energy and #renewable #energy.  There are clearly many opportunities to advance the work!

EDC2018 Description:

Event Focus

Assume that by the end of this century, everyone is living in prosperity supported by energy systems that do not release carbon dioxide pollution to the atmosphere.

For regions that are now among the poorest of the world:

  • What might the evolution to that prosperity-supporting zero-emissions energy systems look like from an engineering cost-optimization perspective?

  • In the context of this century-scale energy system build-out, what are today’s deployment and R&D priorities?

  • How to balance meeting today’s energy needs with creating options to meet tomorrow’s needs? (e.g. avoiding technological lock-in)


#Utility #Scale #Solar #PV remains a powerful technology to reduce #carbon #emissions.





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