Dr. Mubenga Delivers Keynote at STEM Education Event

Keynote Address Given at STEM Education Event for Girls in Toledo Ohio. 

Toledo, OH:  February 8, 2020:  SMIN Power Group founder and CEO Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, PE, gave a Keynote Address to hundreds of girls at the Imagination Station in Toledo, OH to encourage the girl’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers.

Working both locally and globally, Dr. Mubenga’s passion for promoting STEM education, especially for girls, has led to her being recognized as an important thought leader in a field where the number of women is far lower than in the general population.   

The program publicity page gave a short bio as follows:

Dr. Mubenga is a highly skilled electrical engineer, with research areas in battery management systems, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems.
She is the founder of the STEM DRC Initiative, a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Dr. Mubenga is also the founder and CEO of SMIN Power Group, a solar developer with offices in the USA and Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2017, she was the Winner of Africa’s Most Influential Women Award in Engineering and Manufacturing by CEO Magazine (Girl Power, 2020).

Dr. Mubenga’s powerful message of hope is shared when teaching as Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Toledo, serving as president of her non-profit organization providing STEM Scholarships, or leading SMIN Power Group as CEO.  That hope is that STEM Technologies such as Green and Renewable Energy can help solve important problems in the world today – including social and economic challenges caused by the lack of electricity in under-served areas of the world.

STEM technologies are also helping solve even bigger problems in the world such as Climate Change, disease, and famine.    

Learn more by watching the videos below. 

In part 1, Dr Mubenga is profiled as the 2020 Keynote speaker.  The interview allowed Dr. Mubenga to share her journey of why she chose to be an engineer.

Girl Power Part 1, Produced by BSCAN Arts, Buckeye Broadband, and retrieved online February 25, 2020 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EKe-v8ZiJE

In Part 4, Dr. Mubenga explains the importance of STEM Education for girls.

Girl Power Part 4, Produced by BSCAN Arts, Buckeye Broadband, and retrieved online February 25, 2020 from https://youtu.be/6BP6vJA6wy0

Women may have been historically under-represented in the STEM Fields, but this starting to change.  Dr. Mubenga would like to thank the Imagination Station for creating such an important event!  


Girl Power, n.d. Publicity Release, Produced by the Imagination Station in Toledo Ohio, and retrieved online February 25, 2020 from https://www.imaginationstationtoledo.org/visit/girl-power



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