CEO Magazine To Recognize SMIN Power Group CEO As One Of “Africas Most Influential Women in Business and Government”

CEO Magazine To Recognize Sandrine Mubenga, CEO of SMIN Power Group


Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government

Ms. Sandrine Mubenga, CEO of SMIN Power Group, will be recognized as a “Most Influential Woman In Business and Government” in categories of Manufacturing and Engineering.

About SMIN Power Group:

SMIN Power Group provides electrification, solar and green energy consulting, engineering, and project management services under the leadership of Sandrine Mubenga, CEO.  The company has a heart for bringing solar energy, green energy, and renewable energy to Africa, especially the DRC Congo, due to having been born there.

The coveted invitation to the Award Ceremony reads in part as follows:

Dear Dr. Mubenga,

Greetings from South Africa!!

You are one of our Achievers in AFRICA’S MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN IN BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT and will receive two of our top awards!

At CEO GLOBAL we know that you have worked hard to achieve success and we are going to recognise your Outstanding efforts at our WEST/CENTRAL recognition event in Ghana on the 21st  October,  2017.

You will also be featured in our commemorative hardcover magazine that is distributed in 57 Countries on the African Continent!

About CEO Global

CEO Global is recognised as the Premier Recognition Programme on the Continent.  CEO Global (PTY) Ltd is an integrated media company, which was founded in June 2001 and has gone from strength to strength on the African continent. CEO is the publisher of the monthly business title CEO Magazine as well as three special editions, Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government, Women in Motion and TITANS – Building Nations.

CEO GLOBAL is elated to champion the GROWTH AND PROSPERITY OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT and dually so, Recognising the woman and men leading and achieving in their regional sectors. CEO Global has been at the forefront of this recognition for the past 17 years. “This year’s finalists and winners represent some of the very best we have had the privilege to recognise (CEO Magazine, 2017).”

CEO Magazine is committed to playing a significant role in reflecting the transformation of African business. In this sense, CEO Magazine is totally inclusive, rather than representing or projecting vested interests. Having expanded our programmes recognising African men and women across Africa has been a great achievement and we appreciate the support of African men and women in these programmes. Our latest programme is Mentor Me 24/7 that is aimed at young and upcoming entrepreneurs and corporate leaders being mentored by recognised and respected business and government leaders.

It wasn’t too long ago that women were barred from political, legal and economic rights that their modern-day counterparts take for granted.  Thankfully, owing to the perseverance and personal sacrifice of many, African women have become an economic force to be reckoned with. Today, women occupy various top managerial positions not only in the private sector, but also in government.  CEO Global long recognised the important role women play in the development of society and since the founding of the company in 2000, has promoted initiatives to recognise women. These initiatives have evolved into the Most Influential Women in Business and Government programme, which has been recognised over the course of several years as the pre-eminent recognition platform for women (CEO Global, 2017).

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